Swiss Alpine Landcaping, Winnipeg Manitoba

Design & Create

1. Consultation

Our goal is to gain a clear picture of how you envision your yard, to get to know your wish list and the uniqueness of your property. Please provide us with a copy of the lot survey and if possible a floor plan of the house.

2. Design Proposal

We present our proposal for the design work and review the Design Contract. With your approval of the Contract we can move forward with the design development. (Note, there is a 50% deposit for the design development.)

3. Site Analysis & Planning

We take measurements, inventory and photos, analyzing the relevant conditions of your property. If necessary, we will also communicate and problem solve with the architect, engineer and builder.

4. Conceptual Layout

We review the base plan and proposed design concepts with you. This gives you the opportunity to provide input and make any necessary revisions. We will provide you with a preliminary rough budget for the proposed project.

5. Final Design Plan

We will finalize the concept drawings into a detailed plan and review it with you. After discussing the project details and selected materials we will go over the construction cost estimate. Your approval will be our go ahead to get it done, along with payment of the  balance of the design fees and a 30% deposit for the construction phase.

6. Construction Coordination

We will take care of all necessary permits, secure locates of utility lines where needed, and ensure a safe construction zone. We coordinate any specialty trades and material deliveries.

7. Landscape Installation

Our professional landscape team will make every effort to keep disruptions to your daily life to a minimum. We keep you informed daily on the progress and our skilled landscape artists are always eager to get your feedback.

8. Project Wrap-up

At completion of the construction we will walk with you through your yard to identify any problems or incomplete items. We’ll rectify them and meet again for the warranty review and the official ‘handing over’ of your beautiful outdoor living space.