Now it’s Time to Backyard-Dream!


During the dormant season you can take time to assess your backyard, identifying the features which worked well for you and which ones might need improvement.

Maybe you would like to create a more inviting backyard with more areas to sit and rest or maybe the plantings didn’t do so well and need to be renewed.

Often backyards have too many individual features competing for the viewer’s attention giving the yard a busy look. In many cases more and more items were added to the yard over time without proper planning. Simplifying and de-cluttering will bring a sense of tranquility and peace.

Sometimes all an outdoor living area needs is a unique feature to pull the space together, a focal point to catch the attention of the visitor. A beautiful planter or a sculpture can draw the attention to a certain area and so can a water feature. Softly curved planting beds can also lead the eye to a place in the yard.

Patio areas for entertainment and spending relaxed moments have to be large enough to accommodate the necessary number of guests but shouldn’t be overpowering the yard. Creating different smaller areas allow for more intimate settings when not entertaining large numbers of guests.  As I mentioned in one of my earlier articles, many yard layouts seem to focus too much on large scale hardscaped areas which lack of intimacy and create heat sinks during the hot summer months. Creating a balance between the concrete and the planting areas will soften the backyard and invite the visitor to rest for a while.

Plantings may have to be renovated every ten years. Yearly pruning as well as watering and fertilizing will ensure their optimal growth, but when the light conditions change due to growing trees or tree removal, a soft renovation might be necessary.

Winter is the time to reflect on your outdoor living spaces and to make plans for next year so the changes can be implemented during the next growing season. A professional designer with the proper education, training and extensive experience will work with you in the creation of your relaxation space.