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Why Choose Us

Transforming a yard from a plain open space into an engaging outdoor living environment is the final touch to a beautiful home. Many personal tastes and sentiments will be integrated into this outside room through innovative and creative landscape design solutions that reflect our clients’ values and lifestyles.

Throughout the whole project, from design to completion, your uniqueness, lifestyle and needs will be our main focus. Your ideas and tastes combined with our originality in landscape design and our extensive experience in landscape construction will result in an exceptional project with award winning qualities.

Our work is highly creative and always custom one-of-a-kind, from contemporary to rugged natural and always so refreshingly different.
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The personal touches of our landscape artists ensure that your green space will be sculpted into your very own unique garden.

We believe in landscapes that have soul and inspire you – landscapes which connect the outside to your inside living spaces.

We, the Swiss Alpine team, take great pride in our landscape creations and will set your complete satisfaction as our goal every day. Our skilled staff will go out of their way to make the creation of your new outdoor living space an enjoyable experience for you.

Our landscape design/build team is familiar with the newest products and installation methods. We stand behind our work and use only the highest quality materials. We select plants with both beauty and the hardiness necessary for this climate zone. Winnipeg landscape design is a bit more challenging than other areas of Canada.

Innovative and creative landscape design solutions that reflect our clients’ values and lifestyles
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We at Swiss Alpine Landscaping are proud to be a premier Winnipeg landscaping company. We keep educating ourselves to stay at the forefront of this beautiful profession.

Since every project is a reflection of our excellence in design and quality in craftsmanship, we drop by to check up on the health of the plants as well as the condition of all aspects of your yard and advise you if we notice any problems.

Your beautiful garden will be our way of thanking you for choosing Swiss Alpine Landscaping Ltd.

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